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  1. People who are preparing for Scrum Certifications, exams PSPO, PSM...
  2. Product Owners and Scrum Masters
  3. People who got their first Scrum job and don't know where to start
  4. People who want to learn quickly about Scrum, Agile, and Software development
  5. Senior executives who wish to actively promote agile concepts across business teams and to link those concepts directly to business-related outcomes
  6. People who want to learn why Agile is important...

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Updates for Affiliates:

05/17/2021 – Learn Scrum Via Email Over 7 Days. This is the new 7 email swipe series you can use for your campaign. Scroll down to the resource section. Let’s go…

05/12/2021 – This is the second video from series of videos that will help you to repost and add your affiliate links in the description. (Please use some of the free online tools to download this video).

05/11/2021 – New document is added to the resource section: A short series of posts to learn Scrum.docx

05/10/2021 – This is the first video from series of videos that will help you to repost and add your affiliate links in the description. (Please use some of the free online tools to download this video).

05/05/2021 – Today we added BIG affiliate toolbox to our resource section. It contains more than 40 different types of images and videos you can use for your campaign. Scroll down and look for the resource section and get your files. Start earning big money from today… 

04/29/2021 – This Program is now $449 (The previous price was $349). The Total Value is $1,449. Affiliate commission stays 60%. 

04/29/2021 – This Program is updated with another great module (Check Module 13 on the Sales Page. 2 hours of Video content + Resource section)

04/16/2021 – Updates for Affiliates: Agile and Scrum Masterclass: Read details and announcements

04/10/2021 – Affiliate Support Page new location:

04/08/2021 – Updated Price from $199 to $349. Your Commission is still 60% and now Your Earnings on each sale is $209.

04/08/2021 – Updated Sales Page with lots of improvements and content with a preview of each module. Check out the new sales page HERE.

04/08/2021 – Upgraded and improved all video lectures and resource sections with new tools, templates, and reading materials.

04/08/2021 – Brand new video lectures are added to this Masterclass. (more than 100 lectures in 10+ hours of video content in Full HD resolution).

04/08/2021 – 16 videos are added for our affiliates to share. Scroll down and share them with your affiliate link.

(NEWSLETTER) Update for Agile and Scrum Masterclass Affiliate Program, Updated on February 22, 2021,…

(NEWSLETTER) March Announcement for Agile and Scrum Masterclass, Updated on
February 23, 2021,…

02/19/2021 – Updated Sales Page URL from… to…

02/19/2021 – Updated Sales Page with smaller improvements.

02/18/2021 – Brand new Update for the Course: Module 16: The Scrum in Real Life. Please check the Sales Page for the content of this module. (1.5 hours of video material + templates section.)

02/09/2021 – Updated Price from $149 to $199.

02/09/2021 – Updated Sales Page with smaller improvements.

02/05/2021 – Brand new Update for the Course: Module 15: Agile and Scrum Testing – 2 hours of video material + templates section. 

02/03/2021 – Announcing brand new Update for the Course (Agile and Scrum Testing – about 2+ hours of video material + templates section). This new Module will be available in the next few days on the Sales Page.

01/29/2021 – Brand new Update for the Course: Module 13 – The transition from Waterfall to Agile Strategies. – 1 hour of video material. Please check the Sales Page for the content of this module.


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