Hello Dear Affiliates,

I am very proud to announce that BIG updates for this program are now live!!!

Let’s start:

04/08/2021 – Updated Price from $199 to $349. Your Commission is still 60% and now Your Earnings on each sale is $209.

04/08/2021 – Updated Sales Page with lots of improvements and content with a preview of each module. Check out the new sales page HERE.

04/08/2021 – Upgraded and improved all video lectures and resource sections with new tools, templates, and reading materials.

04/08/2021 – Brand new video lectures are added to this Masterclass. (more than 100 lectures in 10+ hours of video content in Full HD resolution).

04/08/2021 – 16 videos are added for our affiliates to share. Share them with your affiliate link.

Product name: Agile and Scrum Masterclass

Affiliate provider: Digistore24

Sales page: Click here

Affiliate support page: Click here

Take an action now!!!

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