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✔️ Easy to follow (14+ hours) video training in Full HD resolution, more than 145 lectures in 4 GB, that walks you through every step of the Weight Loss Journey, from A to Z 
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✔️ Easy to follow (12 juicy eBooks, Tutorials, Manuals, and How-to Guides) related to Recipes, Top-Health-Tips, Nutrition Tips, Introduction to Pilates and Home Training, Keto diet and more…
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✔️ Additional Resources and Recommended Supplements 
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Weight Loss Formulas Introduction

Introduction to Weight Loss Formulas

The natural human instinct is to avoid anything we don’t like.

So no matter how long you think you can avoid the foods you love, sooner or later, your cravings win out. I’m sure you’ve been there before.

So, consistency is your biggest ally when trying to lose weight. And you can only be consistent when you have the Pleasure, Ease, Affordability, and Results.

We have great news for you!!!

We are very happy to present you Weight Loss Formulas Blueprint.

We cracked Weight Loss Formulas in this easy-to-follow brand new program.

You might think the first 2 weeks will be difficult for you due to the reduction of intake of daily calories.

 But the way this blueprint works will be set up to make the transition easier.

How It All Started?

Hi everyone. I began my weight loss journey in June 2021 at 163 lbs. I took this product, find the perfect formula for me and that changed my life.

I did daily exercises one hour a day, walking 10K steps a day. Also, I ate meals as per the meal plans provided in this blueprint. Combined with extra supplements.

I lost 33 lbs by October and slimmed down as you can see. Losing the extra weight, I can move around better, be more flexible, stopped snoring. My blood pressure went back to normal.

I am feeling great, I look better, my clothes fit better. Went from size 10 to size 6. Best thing I have done for myself and my esteem and health. Cost thousands less than liposuction.

I learned to pay attention to every aspect of this program.

And now I am always choosing the healthier and less caloric ones. There are some easy replacements out there. 

I also learned how to track my daily activities and how to analyze collected data.

Weight Loss Journey Started
mixing different types of weight loss techniques

Mixing different types of weight loss techniques

Not only that. I continue by mixing different types of weight loss techniques for even better results.

So, I changed my culture, improved my health, I am looking younger now, with better self-esteem. And now I am helping others to succeed.

This Ultimate Weight Loss Blueprint has 15 Modules in 14+ Hours of video training. He walks you through different types of weight loss techniques. You will also find juicy eBooks, training manuals, and recommendations for scientifically-proven supplements.

Instantly boost your health, energy, and well-being at the same time!

There’s never been anything even close to this product ever attempted:

  1. As for myself, my team, my entire family…
  2. While increasing your health, vitality, and well-being.
  3. Nothing that comes close to  Weight Loss Formulas has ever been attempted.
  4. As for me, my staff, and my entire family…
  5. Thousands of ordinary women and men can witness this…
  6. Energizing your metabolism…
  7. Using a flame to burn fat from troublesome areas…
  8. Having amazing all-day energy…
  9. Hunger reduction…
  10. As well as boosting your health…
  11. It doesn’t get much simpler, easier, or more automated than this…
Energy Booster

This deal may not be here tomorrow!!!

Value $199

$99 One Time

Joint Health

Module 1 – 60 minutes

Joint Health

  1. Joint Health Introduction
  2. The Importance of Joint Health
  3. A Look at Common Joint Problems
  4. Excercise Your Joints
  5. Balance Your Diet
  6. Watch Yout Weight
  7. Home Remedies to promote healthy joint
  8. Best Supplements For Joint Health
  9. Other options to promote healthy joints
  10. Joint Health Conclusion

Module 2 – 85 minutes

Fat Burn Secrets Pro

  1. Why are you Fat?
  2. Fat Burn Mantra
  3. Easy Fat Killer Technique
  4. Yo-yo Effect
  5. Easy Yoga Practice
  6. List Of Fat-pumping Foods To Avoid
  7. Fat Burn Supplement & Detox Plan
  8. How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?
Fat Burn Secrets Pro
Intermittent Fasting Formula

Module 3 – 54 minutes

Intermittent Fasting Formula

  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. What is intermittent fasting?
  3. The Benefits of Intermittent fasting
  4. Why does Intermittent fasting help to promote weight loss?
  5. Is Intermittent fasting Safe?
  6. A Protocol for 16-8 Intermittent Fasting
  7. A Protocol for 24-Hour Intermittent Fasting
  8. Other Types of Intermittent Fasting
  9. How to Maximize Your Intermittent Fasting Results?
  10. How to Get Started With Intermittent Fasting
    Addressing Common Questions?
  11. Intermittent Fasting Conclusion

Module 4 – 36 minutes

TLC Diet Transformation

  1. TLC Diet Transformation Introduction
  2. What Exactly is the TLC Diet?
  3. All About Cholesterol
  4. Major TLC Diet Benefits
  5. TLC Nutrition Overview
  6. Sample Meal Options
  7. Smart Choices, Eating Out
  8. Getting Active
  9. TLC Diet Conclusion
TLC Diet Transformation
Introduction to Carbohydrates

Module 5 – 58 minutes

Introduction to Carbohydrates

  1. Introduction to Carb Cycling
  2. Benefits of Carb Cycling
  3. What does Carb Cycling Involve?
  4. What does a Carb Cycling Diet Look Like?
  5. How does Carb Cycling Help With Weight Loss?
  6. Are there other benefits to Carb Cycling?
  7. What do I need to Remember about Carb Cycling?
  8. Types of Carb Cycling
  9. Which Foods are Good on a Carb Cycling Regime?
  10. Sample Carb Cycling Programs
  11. How do I get Started with Carb Cycling?
  12. Carb Cycling Conclusion

Module 6 – 74 minutes

Gluten-free lifestyle

  1. Gluten-free lifestyle Introduction
  2. Wheat and Celiac Disease – The Downside of Gluten
  3. Shopping Gluten-Free
  4. Getting Started with the Gluten-Free Life
  5. Dining Out and Being Social
  6. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Gluten-Free
  7. Emotional Obstacles to Having Celiac Disease
    Gluten, ADHD, and Autism
  8. Adapting Your Diet to Gluten-Free
  9. Gluten-free lifestyle Conclusion
Gluten-free lifestyle
Living Paleo

Module 7 – 50 minutes

Living Paleo

  1. Living Paleo Introduction
  2. Why the Paleo Diet?
  3. What is the Paleo Diet and does it work?
  4. The importance of developing healthy habits and ways to do so
  5. The importance of accountability and how to use it when going Paleo
  6. Tips and Tricks to going Paleo
  7. The Paleo Lifestyle, bringing it all together with exercise
  8. Meal Planning for the Paleo Diet
  9. Sample Recipes to get you started on your Paleo Journey
  10. Living Paleo Conclusion

Module 8 – 60 minutes

Introduction to Kettlebell

  1. Introduction Kettlebell
  2. How to Choose a Kettlebell?
  3. The Benefits of Kettlebell Training
  4. The Kettlebell Mistakes
  5. Remedies to Common Mistakes during Kettlebell exercises
  6. Ways to use Kettlebells
  7. Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners
  8. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level Kettlebell Workout Plan
  9. Tips and Tricks to use when Performing Kettlebell Workouts
  10. Kettlebell Conclusion
Introduction to Kettlebell
Easy Keto

Module 9 – 35 minutes

Easy Keto

  1. 3 Benefits of Going Keto
  2. 3 Best Foods for Keto Diets
  3. 3 Easy Ways to Start Eating Keto Today
  4. 3 Keto Myths to Stop Believing Today
  5. 4 Reasons to Go, Keto, Now
  6. 5 Foods to Avoid on Keto
  7. An Easy Way to Lose Weight Without Thinking About It
  8. Keto A Safe Alternative to Fasting
  9. Keto and Intermittent Fasting Fast and Easy Results
  10. Ketosis Made Easy

Module 10 – 55 minutes

The Bulletproof Keto Diet

  1. The Bulletproof Keto Diet Introduction
  2. How does Weight Loss Normally Work?
  3. The Standard American Diet and Why You Can’t Lose Weight?
  4. The Keto Alternative?
  5. Keep This in Mind Before You Start Your Keto Diet
  6. Keto Diet Step Number 1, Displace, Do Not Replace
  7. Keto Diet Meal Plan Strategies That Work
  8. Wind Down on Carbs
  9. Turbocharge Your Keto Lifestyle Results With These Following Tweaks
  10. Take Things To The Next Level With This Modification
  11. The Bullet proof Keto Diet Conclusion
The Bulletproof Keto Diet
Future of fitness

Module 11 – 37 minutes

Future of fitness

  1. Future of fitness Intro
  2. What is Wearable Tech and Should I Use It?
  3. The History of the Wearable Device
  4. Different Types Of Wearable Technology and are they safe
  5. The Benefits of wearing technology over not wearing it
  6. Things to Consider Before Investing
  7. Comparing Wearable Tech and Smartphone Apps
  8. Avoiding Common Beginner Mistakes with Wearable Tech
  9. Making Wearable Tech Part Of Everyday Life
  10. Future of fitness Conclusion

Module 12 – 42 minutes

Fit In 15

  1. Fit in 15 Introduction
  2. The Real Truth About Fat Loss
  3. Lift for a Lean Body
  4. Finally, Diet
  5. Flexible Dieting and Nutrition Plan
  6. The Workout Plan
  7. Supplements that Work
  8. You Made It This Far, Now What
Fit in 15
Fitness Tracking

Module 13 – 65 minutes

Fitness Tracking

  1. What Is Tracking
  2. Top Fitness Trackers and Apps
  3. More Ways To Track Your Fitness
  4. More Cool Fitness Tracking Devices
  5. Using Apps & Trackers To Fix Your Diet
  6. How To Change Your Calories Without The Headache?
  7. How To Get The Most Out Of Fitness Tracking For Training?
  8. Fitness Tracking For Runs
  9. The Dark Side Of Fitness Tracking
  10. 5 Tips For Better Fitness Tracking

Module 14 – 35 minutes

Peak Pilates

  1. Peak Pilates Intro
  2. Discover How Activity Promotes Longevity
  3. The History of Pilates
  4. What Exactly Is Pilates, Should I be Doing it?
  5. The Benefits of Pilates
  6. Steps Before Beginning Pilates
  7. What To Expect In A First Session?
  8. 4 fantastic Pilates Moves To Do
  9. Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  10. Making Pilates Part Of Your Lifestyle
  11. Taking Things Up A Notch
  12. Peak Pilates Conclusion
Peak Pilates
Total Body Weight Transformation

Module 15 – 66 minutes

Total Body Weight Transformation

  1. Introduction
  2. Why did your old workouts fail?
  3. The SSE Workout Super Simple and Effective
  4. How to Build BIG Muscle with Bodyweight Training?
  5. Making Sense of the science
  6. Burning fat with bodyweight training
  7. Burn fat, build strength, and improve your health
  8. The sticking point, Biceps
  9. A glossary of exercises
  10. Conclusion

BONUS Module 16 – 68 minutes


What is Meticore?

  1. The Best fat burning weight loss supplement Meticore
  2. Review From A Customer MUST WATCH
  3. Another Meticore Review From A Customer

What You Receive When You Enroll Now:

✔️ Easy to follow (14+ hours) video training in Full HD resolution, more than 145 lectures in 4 GB, that walks you through every step of the Weight Loss Journey, from A to Z 
($125 value)

✔️ Easy to follow (12 juicy eBooks, Tutorials, Manuals, and How-to Guides) related to Recipes, Top-Health-Tips, Nutrition Tips, Introduction to Pilates and Home Training, Keto diet and more…
($65 value)

✔️ Additional Resources and Recommended Supplements 
($9 value)

✔️ Learn and Work at Your Own Pace with this Program


Weight Loss Formulas-min

This deal may not be here tomorrow!!!

Value $199


$99 One Time

This is dramatically different from anything you've ever seen. This is because it's more of a "field guide" for massive success than a traditional "online course".

If you order today, I have great news!

Eating Plan
Flat Belly Made easy
1 Percent Better
Home Workouts
Insider Training
Introduction to Pilates
Nutrition in pregnancy
The Miraculous of power
Top Health Tips for Seniors
Top Juicing Recipes

This deal may not be here tomorrow!!!

Value $199


$99 One Time

Requirements and target students:

  1. Willingness to lose weight in a healthy way.
  2. This Blueprint is for anyone who wants to learn about the science behind weight loss.
  3. With several weight loss programs to choose from, it’s tough not to see your fat melt off!

Did you know...

A 2013 survey revealed that 57 percent of U.S. adults are concern with eating a healthier diet. 54 percent want to maintain a healthy weight, and 45 percent are trying to reduce stress in their lives.

Less than one-third of Americans are at a healthy weight. And most are not eating healthy either. The latest data show that 23 percent of Americans report consuming vegetables and fruits less than one time a day.

The ‘Few Things’ that are preventing you from losing weight and being healthy are:

  1. Making a lot of mistakes, believing in myths, that circulates by the weight loss industry.

  2. Relying too much on motivation and willpower. If you come to think of it, these commodities are not there when you need them!

  3. Having the wrong mindset. Negative and limited deep satiated beliefs. They will stop you fail every time you try a weight loss transformation.

BUT... there is still hope...

In conclusion, the benefits of Weight Loss Formulas Blueprint:

  1. Learn the science, habits, strategies to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off permanently,
  2. Understand the fundamentals of weight loss,
  3. Build key weight loss habits,
  4. Simultaneously build lean muscle and optimize health,
  5. Identify the most common weight loss myths and mistakes,
  6. Understand the fundamentals of weight loss (calories, protein, carbs, fat & more),
  7. Learn how much you should eat for optimal fat loss,
  8. Avoid weight-loss scams and useless supplements,
  9. Create a diet plan that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle,
  10. Develop healthy eating habits,
  11. Stay motivated for long-term results,
  12. Lose weight and keep it off permanently…

The internet is full of false health gurus. He sells you all kinds of diet plans and overprices supplements that don't work.

This Blueprint not only debunks the most common weight loss myths. He also teaches you everything you need to know to lose weight. And get your dream body and live a healthier life.

Remember, This deal may not be here tomorrow!!! Enroll now and start building your perfect health today!

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