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✅ THE BEST WAY To Learn Scrum

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But how to learn Scrum for free? Here are 2 categories you can learn more about Scrum, and start to break free:


  1. Understanding the Scrum framework is the beginning of applying Scrum successfully. Your first step is to read the Scrum Guide multiple times, which lays out the overall Scrum framework.
    LINK: https://majkic.net/agile-and-scrum/2020-Scrum-Guide-US.pdf 
  2. Read Scrum Glossary multiple times, so you can understand Scrum-related terms.
    LINK: https://majkic.net/agile-and-scrum/Scrum_Glossary.pdf 
  3. Read the Nexus Guide, which describes how multiple Scrum Teams work together. LINK: https://majkic.net/agile-and-scrum/NexusGuide_2021.pdf 
  4. Learn the Evidence base management guide – Measuring Value to Enable Improvement and Agility
    LINK: https://majkic.net/agile-and-scrum/EBM_Guide_2020.pdf 
  5. Check out the Scrum Values
    LINK: https://majkic.net/agile-and-scrum/ScrumValues-Tabloid.pdf 


  1. Try to engage in discussions and practicing Scrum fundamentals with businesses in your local areas or online. Feel free to join active user groups and actively participate in those discussions. (LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Quora…)
  2. Practice free open assessments (all of them) at scrum.org until you get a 100% score multiple times in a row.
  3. Start quietly applying Scrum in your workplace. As you do, stop to reflect on whether you’re taking advantage of all of the opportunities that the Scrum framework offers.

🔔 𝗗𝗜𝗦𝗖𝗟𝗔𝗜𝗠𝗘𝗥: Doing all this thing alone is not enough for someone to become a successful Scrum Product Owner or Scrum Master or even to pass a Professional Scrum Assessment, but it is a good starting point. This is because you will be in very challenging situations and you will have to apply Scrum properly. If you are interested to know how I deal with different types of issues in Agile and Scrum, and how my knowledge gained from personal experience can help you on your journey, check out this link: 👉https://www.subscribepage.com/scruman…

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