Hello Dear Affiliates.

This is Dejan Majkic, the author of TikTok Mastery for Business (Complete TikTok Marketing Program for Business) from DigiStore24.

February was fantastic, I hope you already receive your money from PayPal or it is on its way.

Let’s keep working in March even harder.

We get info from a couple of our affiliates that Instagram Shoutout works very well. You just have to pick the right person. They said they spent about $30 per shoutout and they have 2 and 3 sales per shoutout which is about $400 and $600.

Since every marketer needs more materials, in this march update, we have prepared 90 different types of materials in 11 folders:

01-Article Headings
04-Resources Report
05-Ready Made Front End Sales Copy
06-Front End Sales Video Script

Here is the link of these Affiliate materials: LINK

Sales Page: LINK

Affiliate Support Page: LINK

Stay tuned with new info.


Dejan Majkic

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