Dear DigiStore24 Affiliate Partner,

We have big plans for March 2021. that we want to share with you (our partners):

  1. We are planning to add 2 more modules to this Program. With this update, we will have over 10 hours of video materials dedicated to Scrum and Agile Software development. We will notify you when this is done.
  2. We are planning to replace some older lessons with new videos, that are easier to understand and have more important details.
  3. We will create a new intro video, adding more value for students and a better call to action.
  4. We will create additional materials for our affiliates: YouTube ads images, Facebook ads images, Instagram ads images…
  5. With all these updates, we are planning to change the price for the course from $199 to $399 with the same 60% affiliate commission. This means that $240 is your earnings on each sale.
  6. Our recommendation: You can start preparing your campaign plan.
  7. Please check important updates for February 2021.
  8. Product name: Agile and Scrum Masterclass (Complete Agile and Scrum Program for Product Owner and Scrum Master)
  9. Sales page:
  10. Affiliate Support Page:

Let’s make this program the best on the market…

Let’s earn together good money from our partnership.

Thank you and good bye.


On DigiStore24 we have one more product: TikTok Mastery for Business

Dejan Majkic and my team.

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