Dear affiliates,

I want to inform you that from today, I am leaving DigiStore24 Marketplace permanently, so you can act accordingly with your affiliate campaigns.

Here is the reason.

Some of my affiliates are not real affiliates, but scammers, who found a way how to trick DigiStore24 and collect the money before they initiate the refund process.

After they collect the money, then they request a refund. Then, DigiStore24 takes that money from me, instead of this scammers.

I send several requests to DigiStore24 support, but they are not responding, they don’t care…

So far, they don’t provide vendors any protection, and I have decided to leave this marketplace permanently.

These products will be removed from DigiStore24 from today:

  1. Agile and Scrum Masterclass
  2. YouTube Manifestation
  3. TikTok Mastery for Business
  4. YouTube SEO Masterclass
  5. YouTube Transformation

If you are really serious about promoting these products, or you are promoting them already, please use the JVZoo affiliate network. They have much better protection and support for vendors.

All these products are already available there with the same name and conditions as they were on DigiStore 24.

More info about my products:

Best regards


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