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Dear affiliate of the Agile and Scrum Masterclass Program.

This is just a short note from the author of this program:

07/10/2021 – Here are the links to short PROMO videos you can share with your followers across the internet: All these videos you can download and reupload to all possible platforms. Please use online download tools such as

Students who created a career in Agile and Scrum

Now is the time to learn Agile and Scrum Practices

Learn at your own pace with Agile and Scrum Masterclass

We will get through Agile and Scrum together from A to Z

Complete Projects faster and more successfully with Agile and Scrum Masterclass

Master Agile and Scrum NOW

Make your business grow, with Agile and Scrum Program, learn from experts

One more thing,

I have prepared the full 30 minutes course: Learn How Scrum Works in 30 Minutes

This is the course you can use for your sales funnel:

Step 1. Create your squeeze page for capturing email addresses and send them to this course. Step 2. After they finish with this course, redirect them to the Masterclass and you are golden.

You can also send them Learn Scrum Via Email Over 7 Days. This is the new 7 email swipe series you can use for your campaign. Go to the Affiliate Support Page to get these resources.  

  1. The Affiliate commission is 50%. 
  2. Your earnings on each sale $250

Stay with us, this will be a high-ticket product soon.

Continuously upgrading, and putting lots of passion into this program.

Talk to you soon.

Dejan and my team.

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